3-year research programme with the University of Cambridge

Conducted in Hong Kong, the research is about the Early School Years of Hong Kong children, with emphasis on their socio-cognitive skills, social relationships, wellbeing, school readiness, support from families and impact of these on academic performance.

Upcoming Focus

The research programme is at the forefront of international childhood and parenting research

The research includes how specific aspects of caregiver-child interaction (e.g. warmth, autonomy, support, etc.) will impact on children’s empathy and ability to cooperate with peers.

Such impact often lasts a lifetime
So we see more clearly that the current behaviour of our spouses, colleagues and friends can be traced back to how their childhood caregivers interacted with them. Children’s behaviour can be improved with guidance and healing.

Bereavement Support HK

A unit founded by WEMP, underpinned by internationally recognised methodology and practice.

It aims to provide advice on maintenance and promotion of mental health for everyone in the society.

Upcoming Focus

Provide support and advice on:

  • Full and healthy grieving
  • Healing from bereavement and grief
  • How adults can help young children who grieve
  • How school teachers can help pupils who grieve
  • How to help family members, friends and colleagues who grieve

The services will include:

  • Short guidance videos
  • Schools outreach
  • Case studies and training
  • Books
  • Helpline
  • Research
  • Worksheet
  • Counselling