Since commencement in 2021, our three-level intervention approach has reached:

> 27,337*

> 40,671*

*Unique user

Level 3 – Complex​

One-on-one therapeutic service with financial support​
Level 3 – Complex

Support Children with Mental Health Issues

Provided professional support and financial allowances for 60 children and their families.

When children cannot find a refuge from their parents; when children are isolated from their friends; when children feel that their teachers dislike them, they may struggle to deal with the negativity.

While some children are lucky enough to eventually find their own way out, some have a hard time handling the immense stress. WEMP understands the predicament of children facing complex issues and we take actions to help them manage their urgent problems promptly.

Collaborative Partner:

Dr. Chan Fung-Ying Dorothy

Dr. Chan Fung-Ying Dorothy

Clinical Associate Professor (honorary), Department of Paediatrics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong