Since commencement in 2021, our three-level intervention approach has reached:

> 16,384*

> 30,377*

*Unique user

Level 2 – Intermediate

Parent education on mental health
Level 2 – Intermediate (1,225 parents)

Parent Education on Mental Health

In ‘Parent Education on Mental Health Programme’, WEMP is bringing experts and practitioners to schools and parents to equip them with the skills needed to help children to have fulfilling childhoods.

In phase one, we partnered with five primary schools. Activities included workshops on how to relieve stress, talks about children’s development needs and parents support group for sharing on daily hardships.

Beneficiary Schools:

  • PLK Mrs Chan Nam Chong Memorial Primary School
  • PLK HKTA Yuen Yuen Primary School
  • SKH St. Thomas’ Primary School
  • SKH Kei Oi Primary School
  • SKH Kei Fook Primary School

Service Partners:

Dr. Phyllis Chan

Former Chief of Service of Department of Psychiatry at Queen Mary Hospital

Level 2 – Intermediate (1,225 parents)

WEMP Kindergarten Mental Health Workshops (3-year project)

Built on the success of the Parent Education on Mental Health Programme with primary schools, WEMP will launch a three-year project targeting kindergartens.

A holistic and pragmatic evaluation tool will be adopted to track the development of children participants for 3 years, in order to evaluate effectiveness of the programme.