Since commencement in 2021, our three-level intervention approach has reached:

> 10,000*

> 19,000*

*Unique user

Level 1 – Universal

Positive parenting seminars;
Compassionate school programme
Level 1 – Universal (14,000 parents)

Compassionate School Programme

We often keep our emotions to ourselves. We are reluctant to show our fragility to anyone around us. We even keep our happiness to ourselves only to avoid being mistaken for showing off.

Keeping our emotions only to ourselves makes us less happy. Unable to tell others about our negative emotions, we struggle in vain to lift ourselves from our happiness.

With this programme, WEMP aims to build an environment that encourages students to be aware of their emotions and to express their feelings and needs in an appropriate way. In the pipeline, WEMP will leverage our school networks to bring Compassionate Environment across districts.

Beneficiary Schools:

  • Tung Koon School (Sheung Shui)
  • SKH Holy Spirit Primary School

Partnering NGO:


During pilot run, we reached out to over 1,000 children and encouraged them to build a habit of sharing their emotions daily and be compassionate.

Level 1 – Universal (14,000 parents)

Compassionate School Programme 2.0

We are developing a tool to facilitate that – a set of emotions cards for teachers and parents to interact with students. It helps students to discover their thoughts and feelings.

Later, we will bring this tool to our school network, and we target to reach over 10,000 children in the next phase.

Encourage everyone to make emotional sharing a habit.

Level 1 – Universal (14,000 parents)

18-District Positive Parenting School Tour


“Sound of Silence”

Engaging content is crucial to generate lasting impact and inspire actions. “Sound of Silence” is the story of many families.

We argue with our families sometimes. Children feel ignored by their families. We feel lost as we grow up and more responsibilities come in. We become more stressed when we face more problems in our lives for positive parenting.

WEMP uses movie as the medium:

  • Bonding time for families
  • A work of art that people can easily relate to
  • An enlightening story for parents who are going to have their second-child and will have to deal with arguments among children in the future

Lessons articulated from the movie:

  • Parenting
  • Disputes among siblings
  • Bereavement
Level 1 – Universal (14,000 parents)

18-District Positive Parenting School Tour


An immersive journey for parents to understand and learn from professionsals.

We often find it difficult to observe ourselves and tell what we have done wrong. Apart from learning from real detriments made, we could learn from the vivid story, “Sound of Silence”.

After watching the movie, parents share their most frustrating concerns. Through ten meaningful lessons taught in the movie and inspiring Q&A, parents are able to understand more on how to position themselves in their family lives.

The programme offers support and advice on:
  • Roles of parents
  • Response mechanmism for children to handle stress
  • Methods to repair strained relationships between parents and children

Service Partners:


We target to reach 15,000 children and their families from 75 subsidised schools in low-income districts every year, and strengthen parent-child relationships through genuine family-bonding.

“It’s the first time I become someone’s mom and first time for him to be someone’s son.
We could learn together to nurture a happy family.”

Participant of 18-District
Positive Parenting School Tour
“Every parent should join this (workshop) and learn how to listen to children’s heart.”

Participant of Parent Education on
Mental Health Programme
WEMP helps the poor and the needy
on mental health, targeting subsidised
schools in low-income districts for the
school programmes.